12 Ways to Love Your Body Starting Right Now

12 ways to love your body starting right nowWhen talking about romantic relationships, you’ll often hear quotes about love being more than just a feeling—it’s also an action. Love is a verb more so than a noun, they say. It’s as much about what you do as it is about how you feel.

I think the truth in that philosophy applies beyond our relationship with our partners or spouses; it’s also relevant to the way we think about (and therefore treat) our bodies.

In other words, if we want to love our bodies, we have to start acting like it!

Here are some ideas for how you can do just that, beginning this very second.

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1. Make a love list.

Think about what you truly love about your body, and then actually write it down! Afterwards you can put the list in your wallet or tape it to your mirror—somewhere you’ll see it multiple times a day.

2. Spoil your body.

Take a long, hot bath. Go get a manicure (or give yourself one). Go for a stroll. Whatever will make your body feel especially good today.

3. Dance!

Bonus points if you get your partner or kids to join in.

4. Eat something wonderful.

What’s that one food that’s been on your mind lately? It could be anything from fresh seasonal fruit to a straight-from-the-oven brownie. Today, make the time to cook that food or buy it from the best place possible. Then eat it slowly and mindfully, savoring every bite.

5. Laugh.

In the gut-busting, ouch-my-sides-hurt kind of way!

6. Celebrate your body with the one you love.

Kiss. Hold hands. Have sex. Find a way to share your body with that special someone in a way that makes you both feel comfortable and loved.

7. Stand tall.

As you go throughout your day, walk with the confidence of someone who has self-esteem to spare. Head up, shoulders back. Often just looking confident will then translate into feeling confident.

8. Dress the part.

Ditch the oversized t-shirt and instead opt for clothes that are both comfortable and stylish.

9. Break a sweat.

Not as a form of punishment for eating ice cream, and not in a way that makes you feel like you’re going to die. Let’s aim for some joyful movement, instead.

10. Marvel at the machine.

Your body produces 300 billion new cells every day.  Your liver can regenerate itself. And for some of us, our bodies created, grew, and delivered new life. What’s not to love?

11. Take a nap.

It will feel oh-so-good!

12. Ditch the scale.

My guess is that you think about your weight way, way, way too often. Forget the number, ignore the size, and move on with your day.

How will you show your body some love today? 

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40 responses to “12 Ways to Love Your Body Starting Right Now”

  1. I will go for a long swim, be mindful of how I hold our daughter (so the sore shoulder can heal), eat yummy healthy food, and nap (Ojala!).

    I might even increase my water intake and savor a long post-swim shower.

  2. Love this, Katie! I have always been blessed with a healthy, relatively fit body, but having a second baby has affected my body a lot more than the first, and I’ve had a lot more frustration and negative feelings about my body lately than I’ve felt in a long time! Thanks for the reminder about how amazing it really is.

  3. These are great tips, Katie. There was a great post on Lisa-Jo Baker (a guest post from Emily Wierenga) about this same topic. Check it out, because it. is. awesome. I love how you say to exercise not as a form of punishment, but because of the joy movement brings. So true! And yes, we have to DO something to love our body. I think any woman can relate to this post.

    • I’ll definitely check out the post, Abby. I follow Lisa-Jo Baker but am super behind on reading blogs. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Thank you Katie for such an important reminder! Yes, my thighs jiggle when I walk but my legs work, and that is a blessing. My expanding middle grew a baby inside (miracle!) and is now a soft lap for kittens. My life is easy and food is plentiful and my figure reflects that. And my face reflects 52 years of laughing and living. I love my body!

  5. You are so inspirational Katie. I am in love with the positive energy and the lessons this reminds us of…cannot wait to share with my daughter!!

  6. I ate a cookie! It’s like you said – eat something wonderful that your body wants.
    And for dinner, I’ll eat something healthy.
    I love this list so much!

  7. Gotta love the advice to dance and eat well! Dance (or any exercise really) helps me appreciate my body more. Couple that with eating right, and you feel like you’re on your way to being truly healthy.

    Totally different compared to when I don’t work out or when I eat processed food 🙁

  8. My body loves exercise, even when my mind doesn’t. I dragged myself out of bed to take a class at the gym this morning, and my body was very pleased. Now it wants to sleep, so I’m going to oblige!

  9. Love this list! Dance parties are regular for me. I should spoil my body more. I had a hot stone massage a couple weeks ago that was amazing. I’m heading over to the fridge for a peanut butter cup now!

  10. LOVE this! Moving my body is the best way to love my body, as well as anyway that brings pleasure into my day. Ditching the scale is probably the most important thing – it’s something I recommend to ALL my clients because there’s no need to put your self-worth on a machine.

  11. Oh, I think we all need this. Heaven knows I haven’t spent enough time appreciating the good. Perhaps we could take it even a step further and do some of these things with our kids. Hopefully then the next generation won’t need to be reminded how to love their own bodies. Thanks again for the tips!

  12. Katie, this is a fabulous list! I have go to start “dressing the part” – PJs and baggy workout clothes don’t cut it!

    Thanks for sharing (and for linking up to the SHINE Blog Hop).

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

  13. Love these tips! I’m a list girl, so I’ll definitely be making a list. Love working out since I love the endorphin rush. Great post!

  14. We are all different from each other all we have to do is love ourselves. Thank you for sharing all of these, I agree with what you said about the love list, it’s a great to always remind yourself to love what you have.

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