Hi there! I’m Katie, and I used to think life was all about striking the perfect BALANCE.

Then I had a kid.

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Turns out having children forces you to jump off the balance bandwagon in a hurry.

Attempts to slice and dice your life into a perfectly-portioned pie are completely futile when your baby’s hungry at 3am or your toddler has an ear infection that won’t clear up. Forget balance—in those moments everything else has to get thrown out the window!

I quickly realized the Pick Any Two philosophy was more realistic.

I started Pick Any Two as a way of officially declaring defeat when it comes to “having it all.” Because, let’s be real, it’s never going to happen—at least not if we ever want to sleep again. 

This site is a concession that we can’t have, do, or be everything to everyone. It’s a place to get ideas and exchange opinions on how to stop playing Supermom and start prioritizing what’s really important. It’s a blog for moms like me who have decided to be satisfied with picking just two.

Care to join?

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  1. I love this philosophy! I think it’s easy to compare ourselves to other women who appear to do it all and have it all, but something suffers in the end. We just sometimes don’t see what that is and then feel bad because we can’t seem to “do it all.”

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