Write for Pick Any TwoPick Any Two welcomes submissions of original or previously published work (if the latter, just be sure you have full rights to piece).

We’re especially interested in the following:

  • Concrete parenting tips
  • Advice for managing life as a busy mom
  • Personal essays about “picking any two” (i.e. giving up the Supermom mentality and learning to prioritize without feeling guilty about it)
  • Inspirational posts to help boost readers’ self-esteem
  • List-style articles

Please note that submissions may be edited for length, clarity, or style to ensure they work well with our blog’s readership.

If your post idea is selected, you will need to provide the text, a bio and headshot, and links back to your blog and social media pages.

To submit a post idea, please complete the following form. Thanks for your interest! 


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