20 Reasons for Moms to Work Out

Reasons for Moms to Work Out

20 Reasons for Moms to Work Out...What's yours? There’s no question that exercise is good for you—physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Breaking a sweat has been a regular part of my life since the days of middle school track and field, but I’ve found that my motivation for hitting the gym has evolved since I’ve become a mom.

Translation: It’s less about my skinny jeans and more about my sanity. Tweet this!

Need a little motivation to go for a jog/lift those weights/attend that Zumba class? Here are twenty reasons for moms to work out.

20 Reasons Moms Exercise

1. For thirty solid minutes of no whining, crying, fussing, or back talking.

2.  To model healthy behaviors for our children.

3. To catch a glimmer of our pre-baby bodies.

4. For the ultimate form of stress release (kickboxing, anyone?).

5. To avoid being called a hypocrite when we tell our kids to get off the couch and go play outside.

6. So we don’t get winded chasing our toddler all over the house.

7. To honor the amazing vessel that brought our kiddos into the world.

8. For the joy of getting lost in our workout music. Thank you, Lady Gaga!

9. To show our body the respect we know deep down it deserves.

10. To get our hearts pounding for a reason other than because we just caught our kid climbing up a bookshelf.

11. Because we know being fit will help make subsequent pregnancies and labors just a tad bit easier.

12. To boost our brains after a full day of shape-sorting and reading (and re-reading…) Winnie the Pooh.

13. Because we’re already wearing yoga pants, as usual.

14. For those of us who prefer the gym or group classes, to socialize with other like-minded adults.

15. So we don’t have to turn down family hikes or soccer games for fear of tiring too quickly.

16. Because it helps us still feel sexy to our partner, even after all our body has been through.

17. To work off our kid’s leftovers that we keep eating in the name of not being wasteful.

18. Because carrying around an older infant all day requires serious muscle.

19. To ensure that we remain healthy for years to come, so we can enjoy watching our kids grow up and have little ones of their own.

20. Because when we take care of ourselves, we are always better for it—better moms, better partners, better caregivers, better people. It’s worth it. Tweet this!

What’s your reason for working out? 

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25 responses to “20 Reasons for Moms to Work Out”

  1. Katie, I especially liked #13 and #17. I DO wear my workout clothes all day long when I am home and I have to admit, it is hard not to eat the food my toddler does not eat. (I’m working on breaking that habit, however). Another reason to add (and it may not happen very often for many of us), but I learned from my trip to Florida last week that working out ensures that we can keep go-go-going when we are on a vacation with our little ones. I have never been so exhausted each night as I was last week after five straight days of amusement/theme parks in Orlando!

    • That’s a great one! I haven’t done much traveling with my toddler yet, but I can imagine it will make vacations way more exhausting!

  2. Knowing I’ll be able to watch a show I enjoy on Netflix is what gets me through treadmill runs during the winter. It turns something I’d normally hate into a (kind of) treat.

  3. These are so motivational. I admit I don’t exercise regularly. I’ll get into it for a few days or weeks then figure I can do something else lol. Still, I try to be healthy in other ways, namely by eating well, by challenging myself physically (e.g. stairs instead of the elevator), and not leading a sedentary life.

    My big exercise escape right now is dance class! Once a month (because that’s all the time and money I can squeeze in!) I go to a dance class with a friend and get a serious workout. So much fun and so important to have a life outside of kids.

    • I truly believe that exercise should be fun, and if you’re not having fun, then you should pick a different type of exercise. Going to a dance class once a month is awesome!

  4. I have just gotten back into the swing of things within the past month and I find I have so much more energy when I work out! Kids are exhausting work, and the only time I can really work out is after my hubby gets home (after 5:30-6 pm) so the hardest part for me is motivating myself to go when I’m already tired. However, I am doing it! This was a very funny and clever post!

  5. As women, we always put everyone else’s needs above our own. Even when we do remember to focus on ourselves, exercise is usually last on the list because we’re already exhausted. However, this post is a great motivator for all of the reasons we must promote ourselves and our physical needs to the top of the list!

  6. I work out to maintain a 60 pound weight loss and because of #19. I have five adult kids and two adorable grand sons, a 3 year-old and an 18 month-old. I can chase them and play with them without getting exhausted because I maintain a fitness program. ; )

  7. I’ve been working out at home and I hope it inspires my kids to enjoy fitness and activity. We did a silly kids’ workout video from YouTube last weekend and they loved it!

    • I think it’s awesome to work out in front of your kids to help show them the importance of fitness. Working out WITH them? Even better!

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