25 Things To Do Today Instead of Housework

25 Things To Do Today Instead of Housework

25 Things To Do Today Instead of HouseworkI’m usually not one for silly, made-up holidays, but today is a special one that I can certainly get into.

Yep, it’s National No Housework Day.

I’m commemorating the day by laughing at the dishes piling up in the sink and cheerfully ignoring the laundry sitting unfolded in the basket.

Want to join in the celebration?

Here are some ideas for how to spend the precious time you’ll save by not engaging in a single chore today.

25 Things To Do Today Instead of Housework

1. Read a book with your kids.

2. Go shopping for new spring clothes.

3. Reorganize all of your boards on Pinterest.

4. Have some spicy time with your partner.

5. Watch Frozen…again.

6. Get some exercise.

7. Do a good deed.

8. Flip through the latest issue of Real Simple or some other magazine.

9. Help your kid with his math homework.

10. Take a stroll around the block.

11. Take a nap.

12. Read the Bible or another inspiring text.

13. Email your college roommate out of the blue.

14. Play fetch with your dog or pet your cat.

15. Write in your journal.

16. Pop by and say hello to your neighbor.

17. Catch up on your work emails.

18. Bake something just for fun.

19. Be lazy.

20. Be crafty.

21. Write a thank you note.

22. Catch up on reading blogs.

23. Browse an Etsy shop.

24. Have dessert and slowly savor every bite of it.

25. Call your mom.  

How will you be celebrating National No Housework Day? 

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28 responses to “25 Things To Do Today Instead of Housework”

  1. Well, before I realized it was this holiday, I was planning on getting the house in order. I can’t watch frozen again so I will go with reading, journaling and playing a game with the kiddos!

  2. This could likely be the best holiday I never knew about. I’m in the office today, so little housework will get done anyway, but I am going to make a note to do the bare minimum tonight and indulge in something delightful.

  3. I’ll catch up on my DVRed shows.

    Though I did have to do some laundry. Otherwise no one would have any pants to wear tomorrow.

  4. Oh no! I already did so many dishes today.
    I can salvage it, though. I love #1 and #4! Not sure it’s possible tonight, with two kids a puppy and my MOM as a houseguest.

  5. I’ve already done a bunch of those things – who knew I was having such a productive day? I will admit I usually choose anything else over housework, but today I feel completely guilt-free about it!

  6. Well, I already blew it by doing housework before I left the house this morning. Buuuuuut that was only because I was celebrating early (yeah, that’s it!) by not finishing the dishes last night. I have also started training my son to help me unload the dishwasher, so that’s a huge win.

  7. I loved the list of recommendations…so many great ideas! I’ve managed to fit a nap in, read a few books to my son, and later I am heading out for some retail therapy (with son in stroller). Hope you enjoyed your day off from housework!

  8. Oh man this house would go bonkers if my husband and I didn’t do housework. To our credit though, we didn’t do too much lol. Just the basic bottle-washing, dinner-cooking shenanigans. Oh, and I ate the breakfast burrito I cooked. That counts, right? 😉

  9. My in-laws left yesterday after a long weekend visit, so cleaning was a must!

    Though at noon we took a walk to the beach as it was 60 and sunny. It was absolutely glorious and Susanna slept almost the entire time, so Scott and I had lovely adult chats mixed with silence.

  10. I have never seen Frozen and therefore fear I may be missing out on insane levels of awesome. So … I think it might have to be National No Housework Day at my place today!

  11. GEEZ I missed this FABULOUS holiday! I am making up for it tomorrow and celebrating, since today already is half shot!

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