“Her House Was Spotless.” And Other Things Your Tombstone Probably Won’t Say

15 Things Your Tombstone Probably Won't Say...Plus 3 Things It Might!© Kzenon/Dollar Photo Club

Last weekend I had a really wonderful time with my family. We played. We laughed. We relaxed.

And as we tend to do, we made the house a giant mess in the process.

Low and behold, at the end of the weekend a friend of mine sent a text asking to stop by for an impromptu visit.

I looked at the clutter on the kitchen table and the toy cars strewn across the living room floor and started to politely decline.

But then I reconsidered.

All that playing and laughing and relaxing left me energized and full of life—and a desire to live it to the fullest. It left me longing for a legacy far more important than the amount of dust on my mantel or dirty laundry in my hamper.

So I texted back, “Sure, come on over!” Then I got to thinking about all the things we worry about that simply don’t matter—the stuff that, when the time comes, certainly won’t appear on our tombstones. 

15 Things Your Tombstone Probably Won’t Say…

She finished her to-do lists.

Her house was immaculate.

She planned the most amazing parties!

She never got frustrated with her kids.

She made Pinterest-worthy crafts and Bon Appetit-worthy dinners.

She lost the baby weight so fast!

Her kids always got straight A’s.

She was always on time.

15 Things Your Tombstone Probably Won't Say...and 3 Things It Might!© Alliance/Dollar Photo Club

She had really nice stuff.

She had an amazing career.

When faced with chocolate, she had so much willpower.

Her lawn was perfectly landscaped.

She was thin.

Her clothes and hair were always stylish.

She got so much done!

…And 3 Things It Might

She had faith.

She was a cherished wife, mother, daughter, and friend.

She loved.

Think about the last week or month of your life. How much time and effort did you waste chasing things that are ultimately inconsequential?

When I answer that question for myself, I’m embarrassed and frustrated to say “way too much.” 

Let us remember that most of the things that are considered points of pride in this world—from our looks to our accomplishments to our stuff—are meaningless in the end.

Then let us commit to spending more time on what matters than on what doesn’t and never will.

What do you hope your legacy will be?

9 responses to ““Her House Was Spotless.” And Other Things Your Tombstone Probably Won’t Say”

  1. I had a severe allergic reaction this week and have had to rest a lot. It’s been a struggle to let things build up but I know I have to for my health. What good is a clean house if I’m in the hospital?! Thanks for this reminder.

  2. I stumbled upon this article and i must say it touched so close to home. I always try and remind myself not to get so overwhelmed with all these things that hold no real value that i end up overlooking the things that matter the most to me such as family.

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