Dear Children, I’m Not Sorry I Work

I'm Not Sorry I Work! One Working Mom's Perspective© kuzmichstudio/Dollar Photo Club

I recently saw a lot of my fellow moms share a post called To My Children, I’m Sorry I Work.

I could see why it resonated with so many parents, but at the same time, I felt like there must also be a lot of working moms out there like me—working moms who don’t feel like they need to apologize for the fact that they work, be it out of choice or necessity.

Today I’m thrilled to be on Scary Mommy sharing my side of the story.

Maybe you’ll agree with me, maybe you won’t. Either way, I hope you’ll check it out and consider commenting and/or sharing!

(And let the record show that I have nothing but love for stay-at-home moms and wanna-be-stay-at-home-moms. There’s room out there for all of us!)

Head on over to Scary Mommy now to check it out!

3 responses to “Dear Children, I’m Not Sorry I Work”

  1. You say you have love for SAHMs but the tone of your article is really sanctimonious and defensive. Insulting to SAHMs. Disappointing. You will probably delete this comment b/c it is not praiseworthy but you did invite feedback so here is mine.

    • I have not deleted your comment, and I appreciate you sharing your feedback. I’m sorry that you found the post insulting as a SAHM, as that certainly was not my intention—which was to bring light to the fact that not all working moms wish they could be SAHMs, a fact that is often overlooked. Thank you for taking the time to comment!

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