30 Ways to Make This Autumn Unforgettable [Free Printable]

Last week, after I vocally mourned the end of summer for the fifty-seventh time, my son chimed in that he actually loves fall and is really excited that it’s finally here.

“We get to jump in the leaves at Nana’s house!” he cheered. “And pick out our Halloween costumes! And go to the fair!”

Leave it to our kids to find the silver linings, right? Gotta love those little optimists!

So before I complain again that the lazy days of summer have come to a close, I’m going to check myself and remember all the fun that autumn brings.

30 Ways to Make Autumn Unforgettable

To help, I’m printing out this adorable calendar with 30 Days of Fall Activities.

One caveat: Generally I’m against so-called “bucket lists.” While well-intentioned, they make me feel so overwhelmed and pressured to do, do, do—and I generally don’t have a lot of extra time for more doing. No doubt you can relate!

30 Ways to Make Autumn Unforgettable

So don’t view this calendar as an autumn bucket list; rather, consider it a list of ideas and options to help you and your family savor the simple pleasures of this season. 

Here’s the list!

30 Days of Fall Activities For Your Family 

1. Jump in leaves

2. Bake an apple pie

3. Go on a hike

4. Play touch or flag football

5. Climb a tree

6. Go horseback riding (or just ride a pony at your local fall festival)

7. Make pumpkin bread 

8. Draw leaves

9. Make a pinecone bird feeder 

10. Have a picnic

11. Melt crayons

12. Go to the park

13. Drink a latte or fall-flavored smoothie (we love this healthy pumpkin spice smoothie!)

14. Make a list of things you’re thankful for

15. Eat corn on the cob

16. Go on a hay ride

17. Bake muffins 

18. Have a movie night

19. Go apple picking

20. Host a bonfire

21. Go on a nature walk

22. Make chili (try this vegetarian black bean and squash chili)

23. Go star gazing

24. Carve pumpkins

25. Make a costume

26. Make a leaf wreath

27. Visit a corn maze

28. Eat candy corn

29. Start a scrapbook

30. Truly enjoy autumn!

Grab the Printable

Just click on the image below to download your printer-friendly 30 Days of Fall Activities calendar. For best results, print it on card stock

Happy Fall!30 Days of Fall Activities: Free Printable Calendar


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