15 Easy Baby Gender Reveal Ideas

15 Easy Baby Gender Reveal Ideas

15 Easy Baby Gender Reveal Ideas

Did you find out if your baby was a boy or a girl before his/her big arrival?

We did both times, and I never regretted it. Partially because I’m a Type-A planner who generally doesn’t like surprises, and partially because I felt like it helped me envision my child and connect with him/her before birth.

Oh, and also because I liked the excuse to get my family and friends together and do a fun little reveal!

Planning to find out if you’re having a boy or a girl? Looking for a fun and easy way to reveal the news? Here are some great ideas to get you started!

15 Easy Baby Gender Reveal Ideas

1. Hershey bars from Pick Any Two

2. Black balloon filled with colored confetti from That’s What Che Said

3. Box filled with colored balloons and confetti from Sarah Halstead

4. Silly string from Marty’s Musings

5. Scratch-off tickets from Burlap and Babies

15 Easy Baby Gender Reveal Ideas

6. Confetti-filled pinata from Live the Fancy Life

7. ”What will it BEE?” gender reveal cupcakes from The Pinning Mama

8. Mini tins filled with colored candy from Spaceships and Laser Beams

9. Individual pinatas from Chinese takeout boxes (Great idea for kids!) from Bubbly Nature Creations

10. Gender reveal playdough (It changes from white to blue or pink when massaged!) from I Can Teach My Child

11. Gender reveal cake pops from The Educator’s Spin On It

12. Team Pink or Team Blue gender reveal box from Simply Darrling

13. Gender reveal cascerones (confetti-filled eggs) from Behind the Camera and Dreaming

14. Handprint gender reveal from {Not Quite} Susie Homemaker

15. Blowing glitter gender reveal from Life With Levi

Did you find out the gender before your baby was born? Did you reveal the news in an interesting way? 

9 responses to “15 Easy Baby Gender Reveal Ideas”

  1. We’ve had 8, but only found out the gender with 1. I really love the surprise of not knowing; during labor I have something HUGE to look forward to – is it a boy or a girl? And my family and friends enjoy the suspense, too! Love your ideas, and I definitely can see how knowing beforehand has its benefits, too.

  2. These are such cute ideas! I love the idea of gender reveals…I wish I would have done that years ago when I was pregnant with my kids 🙂

  3. I did find out, both times. I love the idea of having a party to reveal the surprise! So many great possibilities here!

  4. I didn’t find out the gender while I was pregnant. I had no desire. I just wanted to focus on preparing for a baby! It was fun to have the surprise. These ideas are great though. I’ve seen the silly string one done.

  5. These are so fun 🙂 I always felt like finding out the gender was an early surprise (the whole birth experience & meeting my baby was enough of a surprise for me on the birthday! 😉

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