Cheap and Easy Baby Gender Reveal Idea Using Hershey Bars

Cheap & Easy Hershey Bar Baby Gender Reveal IdeaThe moment you learn whether your baby is a little boy or a little girl is certainly an exciting one! And for those of us who choose to discover that information before baby’s big arrival, it’s one of the most highly anticipated times of pregnancy. 

Another big part of the fun? Sharing the news with friends and family!

Before my son was born, we threw a little gathering featuring the popular gender reveal cupcakes. So this time around, we wanted to do something different—not to mention something cheaper. 

So when I stumbled upon this Hershey Bar baby gender reveal idea, I was thrilled! It’s both inexpensive and easy to put together.

(Note: Technically you’re not revealing the gender of your baby; you’re revealing its sex. Here’s a good explanation of the difference between sex and gender. But there’s something about a “Baby Sex Reveal” that doesn’t sound quite right, so I’m sticking with gender for the purposes of this post.)

Cheap & Easy Baby Gender Reveal Idea: Gender Reveal Hershey Bars

What You Need:

  • Hershey Bars (we used full-size 1.55oz bars)
  • Pink or blue permanent marker (brighter shades work better)
  • tape
  • Paper for candy covers (I made my own design using PicMonkey—printable is included below—but you could always handwrite your own too!)

What To Do:

  1. Use the permanent marker to color in the letters on the Hershey bar wrapper revealing the sex of your baby—he or she.
  2. Baby Gender Reveal Hershey BarsWrap your candy bars in your covers, securing them with tape. Be sure to tape them loosely enough that they can be easily removed without ripping the candy bar wrapper itself.
  3. Baby Gender Reveal Hershey Bar Candy CoversWhen it’s time for the big reveal, hand them out to your friends and family and have them remove their covers at the same time. Then celebrate with the chocolate!

Baby Gender Reveal Hershey Bars

Obviously we revealed that a baby girl will be joining our family!

Baby Gender Reveal with Hershey Bars

Baby Gender Reveal with Hershey Bars

I also made and printed a couple of these Old Wives Tales images showcasing what sex the baby would be based on these myths. (A great idea I originally saw on Working On Working Mom.) It made for fun conversation!

Old Wives Tales Baby Gender Predictor

Here’s a printable you can use as a cover for your candy bars. These are made to fit a full-size 1.55oz Hershey bar. Just be sure to print at 100% scale. 

Printable Hershey Candy Bar Cover for Baby Gender Reveal

Did you find out the sex of your baby before he or she was born? Or did you wait to be surprised at his or her birth?

23 responses to “Cheap and Easy Baby Gender Reveal Idea Using Hershey Bars”

  1. Such a cute idea. I’m glad gender reveals weren’t a big deal when I was pregnant. The doctors were sure my youngest was a 6 lb girl and they were wrong! he was a 9 lb boy. We had no boy name chosen and had purchased several girl outfits! It was quite a shock.

  2. Well first, CONGRATULATIONS! What an awesome idea. I thought those were printed on til I figured you can marker them in. You need to sell this idea to Hersheys lol.

    And second, wow I didn’t know the difference between sex and gender. Sheesh out of the loop, aren’t I? What a great site to explain it.

  3. Yay, a girl! We found out we were having a girl at the 20 week ultrasound. It was still a surprise, just one we didn’t have to wait another 20 weeks to find out about!

  4. Tried this for my boys, but had a hard time getting the pen ink to stay on the glossy wrapper. What kind of pen did you use? Also, love the cover idea- thanks for the free printable!

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