5 Fun Ways to Make Easter Extra Special

5 Fun Ways to Make Easter Extra Special

For those who celebrate it, Easter is a very beloved holiday—partly because it is one of the most important holidays in the Christian faith, and partly because it is a symbolic beginning to the much-anticipated spring season.

After battling snowstorms, frigid temperatures, and icy driving conditions, we all seem to breathe a collective sigh of relief when Easter, and with it spring, finally rolls around.

Whether Easter is already one of your favorite holidays or not, these five simple ideas will make it an extra special day for your family this year.

5 Fun Ways to Make Easter Extra Special

1. Think beyond dye-in-a-box eggs.

Dyeing eggs using a boxed kit can certainly be great fun, but there are so many other creative ways to decorate this Easter staple—many of which are actually better suited for little hands.

So this year, try giving your kids a variety of decorating options: stickers, adhesive gems, paint, crayons, and even washi tape in various colors and patterns. No doubt you’ll be impressed with the masterpieces those hard-boiled eggs become!

2. Hide more than eggs.

Double the hunting fun this Easter by hiding not just eggs, but also your children’s Easter baskets. This activity works well because lots of kids wake up on Easter morning ready for an egg hunt—only to learn that it isn’t happening until much later in the day. But their disappointment won’t last long when they learn they can immediately go searching for that special basket the Easter bunny brought them.

5 Fun Ways to Make Easter Extra Special

3. Leave an Easter bunny trail.

Warning: only do this activity if you want to hear your kiddos squeal with delight! Because squeal they will when they find a trail around your house (inside or out, depending on how much clean up you’re willing to do) of little white Easter bunny footprints.

Sounds complicated, but it’s actually incredible simple to do using baby powder, flour, or powdered sugar. This super easy bunny footprint tutorial breaks it down for you.

4. Color coordinate your egg hunt.

You know what’s a major bummer? When one kid finds all the Easter eggs about 5 minutes into the egg hunt. Eliminate that possibility by assigning each participating child a specific egg color (for example, little Johnny can only collect green eggs, while little Susie can only collect yellow ones)—that way everyone ends up with approximately the same amount. This also works well if you have multiple ages and searching abilities, too.

If you don’t want to remove all of the competitive component, try hiding one special egg (maybe a gold or silver one) that anyone can find—and that egg comes with an extra special prize, of course.

5 Fun Ways to Make Easter Extra Special

5. Relax your usual candy rules.

What’s Easter without some handfuls of jelly beans and a big chocolate bunny? Enjoying some extra sweet stuff is part of the fun of holidays, but too often it ends up stressing out well-meaning parents who don’t want to see their kids get tummy aches or dental cavities.

This year, though, you can stop fretting so much about the latter and let your child indulge a little. That’s because Aquafresh® toothpaste—yes, the same Aquafresh® toothpaste you used and loved when you were a kid!—has a new toothpaste specifically designed to protect teeth against sugar acid, which is the main culprit responsible for cavities.

New Aquafresh® Multi Action is specially formulated for Sugar Acid Protection, provided by active fluoride, to strengthen and shield teeth in the face of your children’s favorite Easter candies.

So when you see your kiddo reaching for yet another peanut butter egg, you’ll feel better knowing that Aquafresh® toothpaste is your safety net, working to protect your child’s pearly whites while they enjoy their holiday treats.

What’s one of your family’s special Easter traditions?

Have you heard of Aquafresh® Multi Action with Sugar Acid Protection from fluoride?

14 responses to “5 Fun Ways to Make Easter Extra Special”

  1. That’s all very nice. I like the idea of hiding other things besides eggs. That makes the Easter hunt more exciting.

  2. Love this! I love Easter Sunday so much, it’s one of my favorite holidays! I’m so excited – we always do egg hunts with the little kiddies : )

  3. I love the idea of color coordinating the Easter Egg Hunt to ensure that all of the kids get the same amount of eggs. It was always so frustrating to me when my son would go out on those hunts and come back with 2 or 3 eggs while other kids has baskets overflowing with eggs. One year, all of the parents had to bring 12 filled eggs per child and each child was only allowed to collect 12 eggs. It was so much better! No tears.

  4. Easter is always so special in my home & these are some great ideas to make it more special. Hiding more than eggs could be fun & I love the idea of color coordinating the egg hunt as well.

  5. What fun ideas! When the kids were younger, they would have an egg hunt. Now we would all just eat then chitchat and hang out with the whole fam. 🙂

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