Want to Feel Healthier Tomorrow? Do This Today.

Want to Feel Healthier Tomorrow

Want to Feel Healthier TomorrowConfession: Last week I kind of pigged out.

I was facing a case of the “blahs” and, despite my commitment to overcoming emotional eating, I indulged in too many cookies and too few exercise sessions.

When I finally snapped out of it, I did what I always do when I want to look and feel healthier in a flash: I drank a ton of water.

128 ounces in 12 hours, to be exact.

Almost immediately I felt healthier and more energized. All that water made me feel stronger, both physically and mentally.

The benefits of drinking water are no secret. Indeed, water sometimes seems like a magic bullet for health—it increases our energy, regulates our appetite, improves our skin, aids in digestion, and helps us feel refreshed.

It might not be a cure-all, but it certainly does a lot of good.

Not a big fan of guzzling H2O? Struggling to finish those eight glasses a day? Try one or two of these tips.

6 Tips for Drinking More Water Every Day Tweet this!

1. Use a giant water bottle.

I love my 32 oz. Nalgene bottle for days I don’t have time to be running back and forth to the fridge (or office water cooler, as the case may be).

2. Add a splash of flavor.

A slice of lemon or orange, or maybe some fresh berries, make for a natural flavor boost. Bonus: Lemon water supposedly helps minimize swelling during pregnancy. (I drank it religiously in an attempt to control my marshmallow-puffy ankles during the third trimester.)

3. Think about your budget.

A daily regimen of coffee, soda, and juice can get expensive. Water, especially from the tap, is way cheaper. (But please let’s not forget about the many people across the world who currently lack access to clean water.)

4. Dilute your other beverages.

If you really love your lemonade, iced tea, or juice, try filling just half your glass with that drink and the other half with water.

5. Make it bubbly.

For carbonation-lovers, sparkling water is a great alternative to soda. Plus it makes your daily water consumption feel a bit more interesting and special.

6. Use a straw.

I once heard that it’s easier to consume more water when you use a straw. I don’t have any research to back that up, but I can tell you from personal experience that it’s true. I might have trouble finishing a traditional glass of water, but put it in a bottle with a straw and it’s gone in no time.

Do you struggle to drink enough water? What’s the one thing you do when you want to feel healthier STAT?

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36 responses to “Want to Feel Healthier Tomorrow? Do This Today.”

  1. My water intake is fantastic during the work week. I’m at my desk all day, the Culligan is readily available, and drinking satisfies a hand-to-mouth compulsion. My pretty 24-ounce Tervis mug is never far away. (I also rationalize that the extra bathroom trips force me to get up from my desk regularly and add to my daily step count!)

    Weekends are another story—I’m busy chasing or carrying the toddler around, so it’s harder to remember to keep drinking … or to take time for the requisite bathroom breaks. I have not ruled out a Camelbak for weekend usage!

    I’ve commented on here before about the difficulty I had breastfeeding my little guy. I tried all the tricks to increase my milk production (fenugreek, oatmeal, brewer’s yeast, etc.), but the one thing that made a reliable difference was water. The more I drank, the more I could pump. (It still took me four sessions of pumping to fill one 5-ounce Medela bottle!)

    • Our situations sound very similar – I have no trouble during the work week but weekends are a whole different story! And great point about the connection between water consumption and milk supply. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Water is my go-to beverage of choice. Today I had to buy soda to restock at the one-day academy I run for homeschoolers and I didn’t even know where the regular Cokes were! But lately I have had to make myself drink more water so your tops were quite timely.

  3. I really struggle terribly with getting in enough water each day, and although I know it’s part of the reason I feel so gross, I have to constantly remind myself. I’m going to go drink some now. (As a side note, I too have a terrible problem with emotional eating, and I ate like the world was ending last week. I undid everything good that my Whole30 journey did for me. It’s shameful.)

    • Sounds like we had similar weeks! Logically I know that eating a brownie or two (or three…) isn’t going to make me feel any better, and yet I still struggle with it.

  4. I spent last week getting my hydration in order. I drink too much at the wrong times and too much carbonated water. I found moving to a straw helped me up the intake, setting my alarm, and going with lemon water. What gets me back on track? Journaling! Great tips.

  5. I am horrible at getting in enough water during the day. I am a SAHM now, but when I was working I seemed to constantly be drinking water. At home I am lucky to drink 3 glasses. My husband bought me a 32 oz camelbak bottle for Christmas (can you tell we are practical gift-givers? haha) and I probably triple my consumption just by using that bottle. It also has a straw built-in, so that helps even more. When I was breastfeeding I drank water with every feeding to maintain my supply. I think it is just something I forget to do now.
    Thanks for the reminder!

  6. I struggle very much with drinking enough. I don’t have any obvious signs of dehydration ever, but I’ve heard that you can be chronically dehydrated and not even know it!
    I don’t know why it’s hard for me because obviously I KNOW how easy and important it is to do.
    I’m drinking RIGHT NOW!

  7. Another pumping mama here! I drink a TON of water so I can meet my daily milk quota, and I think it’s one of the reasons I’ve been so healthy this year. I actually got into this habit when I was pumping for my older son, and now I feel thirsty if I’m not almost constantly sipping water.

  8. This is something I need to do more of. Adding berries is a great idea and they have a ton of antioxidants too. I do dilute the boys juice a lot…I should try that with my own drinks. Great tips!

  9. LOVE the new look!

    My favorite splash of flavor is lemon and cucumber. I almost never do this when it’s just me, but if I have a pitcher out, I’ll add a few slices and the cucumber especially makes it taste so much fresher.

  10. I definitely struggle with drinking enough water. I guzzle a glass whenever I remember; that seems to be the most effective way for me. And I stay away from straws even though they make it easier to drink more – they also will cause lines around your mouth if you use them all the time. You just can’t win 😉

    Btw, I like your new look!

  11. Ugh I can so relate Katie. I think I nearly ate all the bag of chocolate Easter eggs from last week. I would eat seven a day because I told myself that was the serving size lol. Excuses, excuses.

    And yes, I’m big on water too! I seriously think it’s a cure-all for a lot of things. Drinking water helps keep your pores super clear (forget masks and exfoliators if you’re not drinking a ton of water!). When I was pregnant with the twins, I was told to drink a gallon of water a day. Staying hydrated is so essential for our health.

    My big tip was to drink from a huge sports drink or cup. At work, I have a big cup that I refill often. It helps motivate me to drink enough versus having to get up two or three times the amount refilling a little cup.

    I also find that at work I drink a lot more water than at home because I’m at my desk all day. So this is something I have to work on on the weekends.

  12. I love drinking water. It tastes good especially at room temperature. And given all of the workouts I do – it is a must. When I don’t drink enough I can tell immediately – my hands feel dry. Strange I know. Thanks for stopping by #wowlinkup.

  13. I tend to only drink what I’m supposed to when it’s hot. In the winter I drink less. But, I really don’t drink anything other than water. Just the occasional tea or a glass of almond milk.

  14. Until I switched to flavored water (no calories), I was TERRIBLE about H20 hydration, and I consumed way too much diet soda. Yes, the flavored water is pricey, but heck, so is soda, so that’s my justification! I do feel better drinking more water, so my advice is to do whatever it takes to switch to water as your beverage of choice.

  15. Water wasn’t a problem until 2 months ago and I relapsed and stopped drink my daily allotment. Thanks for the article because I am going to start all over again today. Visiting from the #wowlinkup

  16. fortunately, some experts say coffee and tea qualify for the daily requirement for water. your idea of diluting other drinks is one i’m going to try. when i find myself being resistant to drinking water (bcz i just don’t like the taste of it all that much), i put it in a small glass that i can throw back and refill immediately. that generally helps me get at least 3 down.

  17. Oh man, this is *such* a timely reminder for me. I lost my water bottle a few weeks back and my water intake has dropped dramatically since. Definitely time to buy a new one and get back on the horse!

  18. Fabulous tips Katie. Water is so very good for you, yet often we neglect to drink it!

    I always have my water bottle with me. Also I really like flavours like lemon or orange.

    I recently stumbled across sparkling spring water and I love it when I’ve craving that bubbly from sodas!

    Thanks so much for sharing (and linking up to the SHINE Blog Hop).

    Wishing you a wonderful day.

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