The Unexpected Trait I Use Every Day as a Mom

the unexpected trait moms use every dayBefore I became a mom, I was fully aware that parenting would require a lot of patience, resilience, and top-notch communication skills.

What I didn’t realize? Just how much being a mom would require me to flex my creative muscles. I’ve found creativity to be an extremely valuable—and yet totally unexpected—parenting trait.

I’m not talking about an ability to write poetry or paint beautiful landscapes, neither of which I’m even remotely good at.  I simply mean the capacity to think outside of the box, to come up with innovative and unexpected solutions to parenting problems.

Need some examples? I’m sharing 4 ways parenting has stretched my creative imagination over at Sand In My Toes today! Check it out!

5 responses to “The Unexpected Trait I Use Every Day as a Mom”

  1. You are so right – the creativity we are forced to come up with in our time of “need”… trying to silence and calm a toddler in a crowded store – or getting a toddler to eat. I read your posts and I just nod and smile! We live parallel toddler-lives!

  2. Ahh, can’t wait to read it! You are so right, though. Scarlet has me make up stories on the spot every day, but it’s so much more than that too.

  3. Great point – whether I’m working with 5 year olds or college students, I find myself pressed to be creative in my teaching approach (as well as ways to motivate students!).

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