5 Quick Tips for a Spectacular Toddler Photo Session

How to Get Spectacular Photos of Your ToddlerToddlers aren’t exactly known for being the most cooperative people on the planet.

So on the day of your photo session, you might be worried about getting a great shot that perfectly captures your 2-year-old’s toothy grin or your preschooler’s sweet personality.

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to make your toddler’s photo session a success!

I’ve teamed up with Portrait Innovations to share 5 must-read toddler photo tips. You can see them all on Portrait Innovations’ new blog

What’s your best tip for getting a great photo of your child? 

9 responses to “5 Quick Tips for a Spectacular Toddler Photo Session”

  1. Great tips, especially timing it right and bringing “props”. When they can focus on that, instead of the camera, that’s good. Maybe a game of tickle monster before the shoot, to get them smiling and loosened up (makes for great photos during the tickle-fest too!). I take photos of my kids when they’re engaged in something else, like play.

  2. I have to take lots of pictures of my toddlers for my review/family blog. What works for me is interaction during the shoot. Asking questions, saying silly things and teasing will almost always bring out a smile or funny expression. I don’t even point my camera at the beginning, but just let it rest on my lap while we have fun. When my children start having fun and being relaxed, then I quietly starting pointing….and shooting!

  3. In my opinion sometimes it’s little bit hard to explain kid: ” ok now please sit down and do nitching” but… after that when kids do something suddenly that was the best shot 🙂

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