10+ Thoughtful Ideas for Grandparents Day

My son is incredibly blessed in the grandparents department. 

He’s got a Nana who sings and dances with him all day long, a Grandpa who makes him crack up, a Gigi who takes him on all sorts of adventures, and a Pops who’s always up for anything, be it reading silly stories or playing ball in the backyard. 

Needless to say, my son’s grandparents are quite a blessing to me too!

If your child’s grandparents are as awesome as mine, you’re probably looking for some thoughtful ideas for Grandparents Day. Here’s a big list of ways to celebrate this special day. 

10+ Thoughtful Ideas for Grandparents Day

10+ Thoughtful Ideas for Grandparents Day

1. Play journalist.

Have your child think of a few interview questions to ask their grandparents—about what life was like when they were kids, their favorite memories, or life lessons they’d like to pass on to future generations. The questions will open the door for what could be a very memorable conversation! 

Not sure where to begin? These TableTopics cards are full of great ideas!

2. Lights! Camera! Action!

Use your camera or smartphone to shoot a cute video of your child. If your kid is young and just starting to speak, try to capture them saying their grandparents’ names (like this video my husband made for me of my toddler saying “mama” over and over again). For older children, record their answers to questions like, “Why do you love Grandma?” or “What’s your favorite thing about going to Pop-Pop’s house?” 

3. Grab your apron.

Have your kids help cook their grandparents a special meal, or plan a grandchild-grandparent baking afternoon. Bonus points for teaching your kids a treasured family recipe in the process. No doubt the memories made will be even sweeter than the treats they bake!

4. Create a personalized photo gift. 

These days it’s easier (and faster!) than ever to create a one-of-a-kind present featuring your child’s adorable smile. Here are some of my favorite personalized gift ideas for Grandparents Day!

Photo Book

Photo books are a classic option that’s always sure to please. I love this Grandma’s Brag Book, which comes in a variety of sizes and both hard and soft cover styles. 

9 Thoughtful Ideas for Grandparents Day via Pick Any Two

Freestanding Curved Glass Print

We have one of these freestanding curved glass prints and it’s absolutely stunning when the light shines through it. 

I ♥ Grandpa or Grandma Mug

What grandparent doesn’t love a personalized mug? Perfect for that daily morning cup of coffee.

Grandparents Day Mug

Personalized Pillow

I especially love this personalized pillow with black-and-white photos. 

Custom Phone Case

This custom phone case is great for the tech-savvy grandpa or grandma, available for iPhone or Samsung Galaxy.


Photo Cube

If you’re having trouble choosing just one photo for your Grandparents Day gift, instead go with a Photo Cube that displays five of them!

Catch All Tray

For something different and unexpected, I love this custom photo catch all tray. It could hold Grandpa’s keys and coins inside a doorway, or Grandma’s jewelry on her dresser.

Grandparents Day Catch All Tray

Personalized Playing Cards


Now this is a fun idea, especially for the grandparent who loves their weekly bridge game. Even better, grandparents can use these personalized playing cards to play Go Fish with their grandkids!

5. Head outdoors.

Take the grandparents for a relaxing stroll around the block. Or plan a low-key picnic at a local park. Grandparents Day falls at a wonderful time of year weather-wise, so take advantage and get some fresh air. 

6. Get crafty.

Now’s the perfect time to pull out the crayons, markers, stickers, glue sticks, and washable paint. Let your kids play Picasso (or, more likely, Jackson Pollock!) and create something worthy of Grandma or Grandpa’s refrigerator. 

Here are some of my favorite crafts for Grandparents Day.

Grandparents Day Watercolor Art

Grandparents Day Craft for Kids

via Cardstore

Grandparents Day Flower Pots

Grandparents Day Flower Pots

via Sparkle Power

Grandparents Day Salt Dough Coasters

Grandparents Day Salt Dough Coasters

via Rainy Day Mum

Looking for more craft inspiration? I’ve got a Pinterest board dedicated to Grandparents Day crafts ideas!

Follow Katie Markey McLaughlin’s board Grandparents Day Ideas on Pinterest.

7. Step up your greeting card.

I recently discovered Postable, and I cannot wait to give it a try! It’s basically all the convenience of an e-card but all the appeal of a physical card; you type it, they mail it. (And they’re printed on pretty, 100% recycled paper. And it’s only $3.50 a card!) Choose from one of their designs or upload your own image—maybe that great candid shot of your son with his grandpa, or one of your daughter holding up a sign that says “I love my grandma!” 

(I also saw that you can automate all your birthday cards for the entire year. That’s amazing news for all the kin-keepers out there!)Thoughtful Ideas for Grandparents Day

8. I scream, you scream.

Plan a simple grandchild-grandparent ice cream date. Check around to see if any ice cream shops near you are offering discounts or even free ice cream for grandparents in honor of Grandparents Day (my local ice cream place does this!). Then let the bonding over mint chocolate chip begin!

9. Shirts with sayings.

When I saw these Nana Told Me I Could t-shirts, I simply couldn’t resist! These photos made such a silly and memorable gift.

Grandparents Day T-Shirts

10. Get literary.

Check out some of these super sweet books about children and their grandparents. (Click the covers to learn more about them.) Then invite Grandma and Grandpa over for bedtime stories! 

How will you celebrate Grandparents Day this year? 

20 responses to “10+ Thoughtful Ideas for Grandparents Day”

  1. Such great ideas! Might need to go order a couple of mugs – those are so cute and I know we have some grandparents who would love them!

  2. Thanks for this, as I had forgotten about it.

    We’ll probably stick with a kind e-mail and some photos. The day falls shortly after 3 weeks on the road and my brain and body need rest.

    I’m gearing up for Christmas with the grandparents in a wonderful way, as both Susanna and the on-the-way sister have just-before-Christmas birthdays. We celebrate birth (day/announcement) and Christmas jointly.

    • I’ve always wondered how parents make it work when birthdays and holidays fall so closely together. Sounds like you have a great system!

  3. These are some great ideas, Katie. I honestly hadn’t thought about it, but all of the grandparents love the personalized gifts. I love Shutterfly and have created some great memorabilia on there. Thanks for sharing these! And for the reminder. 🙂

  4. I did not even know this existed! I know my mom and my husband’s mom in particular would enjoy receiving children’s books that they can read to my daughter. No grandchild here til November 2014, but they are already grandparents!

  5. Oh gosh grandparent’s day is right around the corner! I love your ideas… Especially the baked goods one. I love shuttefly also. I recently had a chance to work with Treat, which is part of shuttefly, to create personalized cards. So cool!

  6. My dad has a photo mug from years ago with the grandkids pics – it’s his favorite mug, and he’s asked for an updated one. We don’t do anything specific for Grandparent’s Day, but I will make sure my kids tell their grandparents how much they love them.

  7. Having great grandparents truly is wonderful! I didn’t even know about this holiday, so thanks for sharing these ideas! I think they really appreciate photo gifts.

  8. Thank you for reminding me! I love to do something special for my grandparents and for my parents from my daughter for grandparents day. We just had a vacation together and I’m gonna check and see if I can use any of those photos to create something special for them. Now following on Pinterest, love checking out crafts, you can refollow at http://www.pinterest.com/MumsMusingMind/ (Stopping by from SITS Girls Sharefest)

  9. Oooh, I’m so thankful for this post and the reminder of grandparent’s day! Such wonderful ideas you’ve shared here Katie. Now to select one….

    Thanks for sharing (and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop).

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

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