6 Heartfelt Things to Say to Your Husband on Father’s Day

6 Heartfelt Things to Tell Your Husband This Father's DayFather’s Day is fast approaching, and I’ve been racking my brain to think of something that will at least come close to rivaling what my husband did for me for Mother’s Day.

As I’ve been browsing Pinterest for toddler-friendly crafts and perusing lists of the top gift ideas for dads, I keep thinking that one of the best things we can do on holidays like this one is speak our minds.

By that I mean, we should take it as an opportunity to say all the stuff that too often goes unsaid. We should start a lot of sentences with, “I don’t tell you this enough, but…”

Here are six ways I’ll be ending that sentence this year.

6 Heartfelt Things I’ll Be Telling My Husband This Father’s Day Tweet this!

1. Thank you for being a true partner in parenting.

Just because I’m the mom doesn’t mean I’m the parenting leader, and my husband isn’t a parenting follower or helper. No, we’re on equal footing with this whole child-rearing thing.

We rarely have to ask the other to help out with diaper changes or pick-ups from Nana’s house because we both consider ourselves parents first—before all the other titles we hold like workers or homeowners or hobbyists.

I realize not all households function like this, so I’m extra thankful mine does because it works really well for us.

2. You know, you’re a big part of the reason our son is so cute.

I know I’m biased, but I think my son is freakin’ adorable. I need to remind my hubby that half of Luke’s genes are his, which means he must be a good lookin’ guy!

Dads are often reminded to tell their wives how beautiful they are, but we moms tend to forget to tell our husbands how handsome they are. This Father’s Day, let’s remember to do that!

(Here’s a collage of baby pictures of my husband and son—definitely a resemblance!)

Dave-Luke collage

3. I love that you thoughtfully consider all of my mommy worries.

My husband always takes me seriously, and that is a blessing. He never says “whatever” when I stress unnecessarily over the lack of vegetables Luke ate last week; he never utters an arrogant “stop worrying” when I’m convinced a runny nose is going to turn into a terrible ear infection.

As a dad, he keeps me realistic without demeaning my concerns. I love that.

4. Your son absolutely adores you.

Our boy is in a mama-phase right now, meaning that often I’m the only one who can hold him or put him in his carseat or get his milk from the fridge.

But don’t let all that crying-for-mama fool you; Luke loves his daddy. If my husband has to leave for work before Luke’s awake in the morning, he inevitably cries “DADA!!!” over and over again while sporting a pout. And ever since Luke was an infant, no one—and I mean no one—could make that boy laugh the way my husband could, and still can.

Squealing Baby Luke from Katie McLaughlin on Vimeo.

 5. Fatherhood makes you even more attractive to me.

The mashed sweet potatoes crusted on his jeans after dinner? I don’t notice them. The bags under his eyes from staying up late to finish the (piles and piles of) dishes? They don’t bother me one bit. I mean, come on, the very fact that he voluntarily does the dishes is HOT.

And my heart will always beat a little bit faster when I watch him giving Luke a big hug.

6. If our boy grows up to be exactly like you, that will be a great thing.

My husband takes his job as a role model for our son very seriously, and it shows. I pray we manage to raise Luke to be as good of a guy as his dad is.

How will you be celebrating Father’s Day? Anything you want to be sure to tell your husband/partner? 

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  1. I have no idea how we’ll celebrate. What I know is that every day is Father’s Day (and Mother’s Day) in our home.

    Working from home means we both have an incredible bond with our daughter that is unlike what we experienced with our own parents.

    We’re grateful we have this creative life that allows us much freedom and flexibility. I suspect, though, Scott will fish and we’ll be near him at the park… much like we do a few times a week.

  2. We’ll be coming back from a weekend trip to the mountains on Father’s Day, so I have no idea how we’ll celebrate. I love this, though! Such valuable things to say to the husbands of our children.

  3. I totally need to read this today! I think boosting/affirming my husband’s self-esteem would be so much more welcome than another trinket (although he’s getting a trinket). I love the things you’ll be saying to your man this Father’s Day.

  4. Katie – this is FANTASTIC! All true for me too. Thanks for sharing and I am totally bummed we didn’t spend more time together this weekend. We will have to find away for our paths to cross again.

  5. This is so very sweet! Like you I am a big believer that the best gift can be speaking our minds. I much prefer my husband to write me a letter than spend money on a Hallmark card; it was something he started doing when we first began dating. Cards can be nice, but his own words written by his own hand is so much more important to me.

    The resemblance between your husband and son is ridiculous! They look SO much alike! And I am with you – a guy doing the dishes gets me HOT. lol

  6. I have to remember to tell my husband how wonderful I think he is at being a father. As you mentioned for your husband, one thing that mine does so well is make our kids laugh like no one else can. Happy Father’s Day to Dave!

  7. These are so wonderful, and such important things to say! I think if I said even one of those things on Father’s Day, my husband would beam.
    This is a nice reminder of all the ways we can show them they matter with words.
    That video is adorable.

  8. I love this! I never have to ask my husband for help with diapers, baths, etc. either and I am so grateful for that. I think each couple has to figure out what works best for them. It sounds like you’re on the right track for Father’s Day!

  9. Those are really great things to say and I’m sure he’ll appreciate each and every one. My kids are older (10 and 2 teens) so now you’ve been motivating me to think of ways I can make my husband’s day special too (so far, I’ve invited family over and my husband will be barbecuing…hmm, not too relaxing?)

  10. 1. What an awesome list. Dads are sometimes (and sometimes rightfully) considered the oldest kid. And we usually are. But most of us are all in on the parenting thing. It’s priority No. 1.

    2. I can’t tell your husband from your son. And I mean that in the best way, from the pictures. Not like I was once told about me and my kid when we played hide and seek in Target.

    3. The adoration of our own kids, to a dad, is better than Super Bowl tickets and a rack of ribs. With Megan Fox.

    *-Glad the Manic Monday linkup brought me here.

  11. I love this! My husband too is a great dad and husband and I don’t tell him enough. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day around here get taken up by sports events. My husband will be with one kid and I will have the other two. It would be nice if we could spend these days together once in a while.

  12. This is so thoughtful. I hope you don’t mind me stealing a few of these to say to my hubby! We will be spending the day with his family at the Zoo. (Stopping by from the SITS Girls Sharefest)

  13. I admit I got a little weepy with this post. What a great tribute! I wholeheartedly agree with number five. The only thing more attractive than a good father is one that does the dishes! Happy Father’s Day Dave!

  14. Oh what a beautiful post! I agree with so many of your points… especially the part about your husband being more attractive to you. Isn’t that the truth?! I see my husband with my girls and it makes me love him all the more.

    I love your giggling little boy. Who couldn’t laugh along to that? So very sweet!

    Thanks for sharing (and for linking up to the SHINE Blog Hop).

    Wishing you a delightful day.

  15. My husband loves being a dad. I mean, obviously there are (a lot of) moments where he doesnt know the time of day (or night) and his so tired that he puts his shoes on the wrong way round without realising but, on the whole, me baby daddy loves being a dad our son. He loves it when our boy snugs his head into his neck. Ezra is too much of a fidget to spend a long time cuddling, so those moments when he does are even more special.Having an excuse to be silly without any judgement! Silly voices, silly dances and silly behaviour is generally frowned upon in most adult situations. I love that my OCD has been challenged. Being a dad leaves very little room for OCD.
    Making our boy smile. When he does those huge great big smiles, he gets an overwhelming sense of satisfaction of a good job, well done. If Ezra is happy, then so am I and the universal sign of happiness, a smile, is all I need as evidence.Dinner times. My husband loves that thing he does when he peers around to try and make eye contact with him. He reckon that all dads have something about their children that just makes their heart skip a beat. For him, it’s when he does this. Coming home from work. Well, he always enjoyed coming home from work but when he has have a child to come home to, it changes that enjoyment into excitement and anticipation.

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