My Family’s Zero-Pressure Summer Bucket List

Our Zero-Pressure Summer Bucket List

At first glance, the concept of a “summer bucket list” might seem like a really bad idea.

I mean, by its very nature a bucket list is just another to-do list (albeit a fun one), and if you’re anything like me, you have enough of those in your life already!

No, summer is supposed to be different. It’s supposed to be about slowing down, kicking back, and savoring life’s sweet moments—not about checking things off and getting things done.

That’s why this year my family is making an alternative kind of summer bucket list, one that doesn’t come along with so many requirements or restraints.

It’s the kind of bucket list that will leave you feeling “lazy” rather than accomplished—which is actually quite perfect for the lazy days of summer!

My Family’s Zero-Pressure Summer Bucket List

Take an impromptu road trip.

There are so many places we want to visit as a family—many of them well within driving distance—but we haven’t gotten there yet because planning a day away with two young children sounds downright exhausting.

Solution? Nix the planning. We’ll just gather the essentials, jump in the car, and see where we end up!

Plant something.

Maybe it will be a tree in our backyard. Maybe it will be fresh flowers in the beds around our house. Or perhaps we’ll all pitch in and tend to the veggies in my husband’s garden.

Ultimately, I don’t really care what we plant—just that we all get our hands in the dirt and reconnect with the outdoors that beckons to us over the summer months.

Go for a picnic…in the backyard.

If we make it to a park, that’s great! But if not, there’s no reason not to spread out the blanket and dine al fresco right in our own backyard.

All we have to do is throw together some sandwiches, cut up some fresh fruit, and grab a summery drink. Our top pick this year? Simply Lemonade® with Raspberry.

One Family's Zero-Pressure Summer Bucket List

It’s the perfect combo of refreshing: Simply Lemonade® and sweet summer raspberries. Delicious because of what’s in it (great-tasting fruit, never-from-concentrate juices) and all natural because of what’s not (added preservatives, colors, or artificial flavors).

One Family's Zero-Pressure Summer Bucket List

The best part of a backyard picnic? If you forget something—say, napkins, which always seem to slip my mind—you can just run back inside and grab ‘em!

Star gaze.

Once the bright light of the summer sun goes down, we’ll all lie down on a blanket together and simply admire the expanse of sky above us.

Because the best conversations always happen while you’re admiring the stars.

Get wet.

Some days it might be at the community pool, others in the backyard with the sprinkler, and still others at a friend’s house where we’ll fill up the water balloons and go to town.

In any case, we’ll be finding plenty of fun and relaxing ways to cool off.

Enjoy a family fun night.

The slower pace of summer is perfect for spending the evening hours all together. This season I foresee a family movie night (complete with popcorn and a Disney Pixar flick, no doubt) and a family game night. My 3-year-old’s getting quite good at hide-and-seek, so I better watch out!

Sip slowly.

Is there anything better than the first taste of a refreshing drink on a hot summer day?

The summer months are made not for gulping down your beverage, but savoring every thirst-quenching sip. I can’t wait to recline in my backyard swing or chill out at my picnic table, soak up the sunshine, and slowly enjoy a glass of Simply Lemonade with Raspberry.

One Family's Zero-Pressure Summer Bucket List

I can feel good about drinking it, too, because—as the name suggests—it’s made with the simplest of ingredients: pure filtered water, sugar, not-from-concentrate lemon juice and raspberry puree, and natural flavors.

The perfect drink for a lazy summer day.

One Family's Zero-Pressure Summer Bucket List

Take evening strolls.

Not races. Not power walks. Just leisurely strolls in the welcome cool of a summer evening.

Watch a sunset.

When I’m stressed, watching a sunset is one of the best ways to let my frustration fade away. The changing shades of red, orange, and pink, the way the glowing light recedes ever-so-slowly—it’s one of the most calming scenes nature gives us.

This summer, I want my whole family to experience some sunsets together. No deadlines, no schedules, just uninterrupted family time in front of a beautiful sight.

Meet someone new.

During the rest of the year we’re often so busy with work, school, and activities that we lose touch with what’s most important: CONNECTION.

This summer I want my family to have plenty of time and space to connect with each other, of course, but I also want to see us make some new friends. Maybe a new neighbor, maybe a new friend at day camp, or maybe the new worker at the farmers’ market.

It doesn’t really matter who it is, just that we’re using the calm of summer to forge new connections with those around us.

Sleep in.

Because we could certainly use the extra shut-eye!

And yes, the goal is for everyone to sleep in (including both the preschooler and the baby). Hey, it wouldn’t be a bucket list without a little dreaming, right? 😉

What’s on YOUR summer bucket list this year? Share in the comments for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card!

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154 responses to “My Family’s Zero-Pressure Summer Bucket List”

  1. I like this Simply Lemonade with Raspberry drink! So refreshing and I am so excited to get to take a vacation with the kids this year! We are going to California!

  2. This summer my bucket list includes training for a marathon, traveling to Georgia to visit family, painting my bathroom and kayaking!!

  3. This summer my bucket list includes traveling to California to visit family, Hiking and kayaking!

  4. Love your list! My summer bucket list is similar…such as do nothing, sleep in, hit the beach, a small road trip, enjoy some evening cocktails, girls night out, etc. 🙂

    amy [at] uTry [dot] it

  5. My husband’s favorite berry is a raspberry. He always buys the raspberry tea, but we will now have to try the lemonade. We never go on vacation. We have a cat rescue for elderly cats, and they keep us pretty busy.

  6. A summer bucket list is a fantastic idea. Reading 10 books each is a family summer bucket list item

  7. Camping, boating, fishing, King’s Island, having baby number 4 we have quite the bucket list this year.

  8. My Summer bucket list includes traveling to become a god mom for a first time and taking my youngest on his first plane ride, a visit from my boyfriend while he is home from the military and ending it with our first vacation together. Can’t wait!

  9. We have family coming into town, so are staying home this summer. We want to swim a ton though!

  10. My bucket list includes doing water aerobic exercises in our pool, and reading a few books on my must-read list!

  11. What a shame you feel the need to advertise so blatantly. Have you sold out recently or was this site always like this? Completely irrelevant to those of us not in America, even if it really were a ‘family favourite’ and not a paid-for advert, and it ruins the rest of the article. On my bucket list this summer? Unsubscribing from blogs which waste time I should be spending with my kids. I thought this was a different one. Sadly not.

    • I’m sorry you feel that way. Running a blog takes a serious amount of time and effort, and I do believe that bloggers deserve to be compensated for their efforts. Partnering with brands is one way to make that happen, and I am dedicated to writing sponsored content that provides value and engagement for readers.

  12. This summer, my goal is to take my daughter to Ocean City. There is a place on the boardwalk that sells the most amazing french fries and she is dying to try them. All the way to Maryland for french fries…. oh yea!! 🙂

  13. I want to take my wife and kids to the prison where they filmed Shawshank Redemption and visit Cedar Point.

  14. On our list: camping, day trips to visit friends & family, go to a few baseball games and say “yes” to whatever other fun things come up!

  15. Our family has enjoyed camping while we have the nice weather. My kids also enjoy fishing on our boat.

  16. On my bucket list this summer was to go on a cruise and it is still there fingers crossed it happens next year

  17. My summer bucket list was a road trip with the family and we went from NC to FL, and NC to DC. Had a blast at Universal.

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