Feel Good Friday: Yep, My Son Ate Cat Food

Feel Good Friday is a regular series to give you a smile, a chuckle, or a nugget of wisdom to get your weekend off on the right foot!

My Son Ate Cat Food

Well, it happened.

I even saw the stray piece of Meox Mix on the floor, but purposefully didn’t pick it up because I saw my cat headed toward it. I assumed it would be gone in a second…and it was.

When I turned around, I saw my toddler chewing, with a look of pure revulsion on his face.

My mind went to choking hazard, but when he opened his mouth, I immediately recognized the cat food—as much by the smell as by the look.

I guess I’m just thankful it was dry food.

So if you’re feeling like a bad mom today, just remember that my kid could be growing whiskers and a tail this very second. I wonder if litter box training would be any easier than potty training?

Has your kid ever eaten something disgusting? I know the answer is yes—fess up!

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  1. My son ate dog food! It was just a dry piece of kibble but ew! Luckily we buy the expensive, quality stuff for the dog – whole foods and all – but I think he ate lamb/bison! Not like.. chicken or beef.

  2. My son has an amazing ability to find any little crumb of food that has been dropped from the table. He WILL find and eat that Cheerio that rolled under the dishwasher 2 weeks ago. There’s also a patch of rocks near our house, and he cannot pass them without picking one up to lick it. WHY???

  3. I can smugly say that my son has never, ever eaten cat food off the floor.

    This is because … we don’t have a cat.

    He has, however, eaten just about everything else off the floor—food that he’s dropped from his high chair and then scooped up to munch on before I could finish cleaning it up.

    This week, he also dumped a container of dry egg noodles on the floor … and then ate the egg noodles. Yes, my son ate dry, uncooked pasta. Happily.

    If we did have a cat, I suspect that he would actually ask for the Meow Mix.

  4. My daughter picked up a chewed piece of gum in the preschool parking lot and started munching on it. I almost vomited. Pet food seems like caviar compared to that!

  5. Bwahahahahaha! I guess he won’t be doing that again! And you are SO right…at least it wasn’t wet food. That would give me the willies. The dry stuff isn’t so bad!!
    My son has eaten some pretty gross stuff. I think the worst thing he ever “ate” was something he didn’t really eat, but just put in his mouth. We were on a playground and he found a used bandaid on the ground…AND PUT IT IN HIS MOUTH and started chewing. It was all I could do to keep from pouring hydrogen peroxide in his mouth and making him gargle. I still feel queasy just typing that, and it was 11 years ago. Blergh! –Lisa

  6. We don’t have pets so thankfully my kids have yet to eat any pet food. The strangest thing one of my sons ate was a whole roasted garlic clove lol. It’s not exactly disgusting but definitely strong! His face was priceless but the poor trooper didn’t let it stop him from eating the rest of his meal 🙂

  7. Thanks for the laugh! Oh yes, my youngest has eaten dog food and when my oldest was that age he used to put rocks in his mouth. Fortunately, he never swallowed them. They keep us on our toes, don’t they? Maybe litter box training would be easier…hmmm. Never thought of that.

    • Luke loves to pick up rocks and stones, but so far they haven’t made it to his mouth…but who knows what tomorrow will bring? Haha.

  8. There was a phase when my toddler was literally putting anything in his mouth. Many times I couldn’t even identify what it was! My only solution was to keep the floor sparkly clean, which was hard work.

  9. All righty…I can put you all to shame! We have been down that cat food road, and believe it or not at 1 year old my oldest DID try to eat cat poop(the pediatrician got a phone call – he was unimpressed)!!! But, #4 tries to eat EVERYTHING! It is so disgusting and frustrating that the only solution is to laugh about it – so we’ve made a list of the things Daniel has tried to eat (they all made it into his mouth…and a few have been digested): Stones too numerous to count, paper, cardboard, hair, fuzz, a stressball, 2 crafting puff balls, pop tart wrapper, grout, price tags, leaves, mulch (at every playground), buttons out of flashlights and remote controls (yes, he has bitten them out), a stink bug (I had to pull legs out of his teeth) and……drum roll please….cat BARF!!! (in my defense I didn’t have my glasses on yet) I could regale you with stories all day – but instead, I will just encourage you all to laugh a little more and stress a little less! Kids are pretty resilient!!!

  10. My kids have definitely eaten random things off the floor…and there’s been at least one time that I couldn’t identify what the object was! They are gross. Luckily no one ever got sick.

  11. My daughter dropped a piece of candy on the floor of a store and picked it back up and popped it right back in her mouth before I could even react, and the owner of the store saw the whole thing. The look on her face…I said “5 second rule” very breezily and couldn’t get out of the store fast enough.

  12. Well, my daughter, Maisie, did eat wet cat food…and apparently she liked it, because I caught her trying to grab for it a second time…Oh, the stories I’ll have to tell!

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