Feel Good Friday: My Interior Decorator is a Two-Year-Old

Home Decorating Before and After Kids

Feel Good Friday is a regular series to give you a smile, a chuckle, or a nugget of wisdom to get your weekend off on the right foot!

Home Decorating Before and After KidsYesterday I looked around my house and thought, “You know, this place used to look nice!” For a moment I wistfully remembered the day when stuffed animals weren’t strewn across my living room floor and sippy cups didn’t dominate my sink. 

And then I smiled, knowing that given the choice between a pristine house and one littered with toys, I’d choose the latter every time.

And then I tripped over a pint-sized Thomas the Tank Engine and immediately changed my mind. 

Just kidding.

Sort of.

How has your living space changed since having kids?

13 responses to “Feel Good Friday: My Interior Decorator is a Two-Year-Old”

  1. In our new house, we took the area that is clearly meant to be a dining area and set it up as a playroom. My kids are still little enough that they want me to be *right there* while they’re playing, so I decided to give in and just put their toys where they would probably end up anyway. Now I just need some way to organize it so it doesn’t look like a complete disaster area!

  2. I’m really proud of the toys strewn around my house. I like them there, because to me, they are a part of my son’s childhood. I hate any other clutter, though!

  3. My husband can’t handle the clutter as well as I can. I’ll say.. “Well. we have kids. It shows.”
    And then he cleans it exquisitely.
    And then within 12 hours (which I find to be impressive) it’s messy again.
    I would have thought 12 minutes.

  4. Ha! Ours is definitely much more cluttered (with kid stuff). We have a small space and sometimes this feels a little suffocating. But like you said, I wouldn’t trade it:-).

  5. We had a playroom that pretty much kept the bigger stuff out of our living space but they never wanted to play in there…only in the main area. I never really allowed for a ton of toys (they made me itch) and my kids never really played with a ton of toys. They rather a cardboard box or art supplies or to be outside. It was a good fit 🙂

  6. My hub’s youngest sister considers it a mark of acceptance when others invite her to their kid-lived-in home with or without fuss. I love it!

    We have a mostly open house, so Susanna’s mark is almost everywhere…most of all in our hearts and our laughter.

  7. HA! oh do I get this!! Have you ever heard of the “Mom Song” by I think Go Fish? Not sure if that is the band. It is THE BEST theme song EVER for motherhood!! Look it up- I will too…

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