Make Priceless Family Movies—No Video Skills Required!

Many thanks to the OneDay App for sponsoring this post. The thoughts, opinions, and video creations are all mine.

Make priceless family movies—no video skills required!

Like many moms, I always have good intentions of shooting and editing family videos to document my child’s development and share with faraway friends.

Yet somehow it rarely happens.

A big part of the reason, I’ve discovered, is that I simply didn’t have the technical know-how to create share-worthy videos. I found the process intimidating, so I just wouldn’t bother.

Until now, that is.

Thanks to the OneDay App—which is currently FREE and now available in BOTH the iTunes and Google Play stores—now anyone can create a fun family movie in just a few simple steps.

OneDay App

The OneDay App is an instant movie maker that helps parents make high-quality movies with their children or spouses. It comes loaded with fun holiday themes and thought-provoking story sets to capture special times in your children’s development or special memories with your spouse—like this Valentine’s Day one I made for my hubby!

The best part is that the process really couldn’t be simpler…or more fun!

Here’s how it works:

  • You open the app, pick a question from a wide selection of fun story sets, and record your children’s or spouse’s answers.
  • The app then automatically stitches the recorded videos together and adds music to make quality, priceless movies to share with family and friends.
  • And that’s it! The video is ready to be saved and shared.

There are lots of fun story sets to choose from, some organized by events—like holidays or birthdays—and others categorized by age group—like toddlers, kids, or adults.

I captured this adorable one of my 2.5-year-old making various animal sounds. Too cute, if I do say so myself!

To sum it up:

  • The OneDay App in iOS or Android versions? Currently free.
  • Video editing skills required? Zero.
  • High-quality, share-worthy movies that capture special family moments? Priceless.

Now I’m off to make another adorable video of my son. Grab the app and join me!

Have you downloaded the OneDay App yet? Do you enjoy making videos of your kids to share with family and friends?

9 responses to “Make Priceless Family Movies—No Video Skills Required!”

    • You actually make new videos right in the app…it’s not for stringing together ones you’ve already made. Once you make your video in the app, you can email it or share it in any number of ways!

  1. We have a bunch of videos of Jack over the years and I keep meaning to get them together to make a year one, two, and three collection. Of course I haven’t done it yet, and he’s just getting older and older! I need to get on this stuff before the next one arrives!

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