I’m In So Much Trouble With My Toddler When…

I'm in so much trouble with my toddler when…I’m In So Much Trouble With My Toddler When…

1. He learns to spell.

2. He finds out broccoli isn’t actually dinosaur food.

3. He discovers we don’t really need to leave play dates to “check on our cats.”

4. Washing hands just like Mommy and brushing teeth just like Daddy loses its appeal.

5. He finds out “sweep the sidewalk” is a chore, not a game.

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6. He realizes kisses from Mommy don’t actually heal boo-boos.

7. We lose his lovey…(I should probably go ahead and get a back-up now!)

8. He figures out I regularly skip pages 10-14. Shhhhhhhhh…

When are you in big trouble with your kid?

13 responses to “I’m In So Much Trouble With My Toddler When…”

  1. Susanna calls us out a lot already, so we’re done with games/sneaks and give options.

    The only thing I can think of is when she speaks more fluent Spanish and Afrikaans. We can talk a fair bit without her awareness, but must avoid what she knows…which is a lot! She’ll hear a word and ask about it.

  2. Haha, our daughter is already calling us out and being little miss smarty pants! I’m just waiting till she discovers eggplants aren’t actually meat and spinach is not ketchup made from green tomatoes!

  3. This is too cute! Number 1 is definitely a bummer. Our oldest can spell now. Sometimes we forget and spell something anyway, but he quickly picks up on it. One night he even figured out what I’d spelled before my hubby did.

  4. This morning, #1 on the list literally went through my head. We’re screwed once our daughter can spell.

    Of course, I still miss the days when we could hide stuff from her, and she totally forgot about it. Out of sight, out of mind. Those were the days.

  5. haha, dinosaur food! It’s mini trees in this house.
    As for the lovey, Scarlet never had just one. Des got quite attached to a lamb blanket when he was five months old. So I did what any insane person does. I bought FIVE backups and just swap them out. My parents even have a spare at their house.

  6. This reminded me of when I was little, I was in charge of reading a goodnight story to my baby brother, who was about 2 or 3. Eventually he caught on that I chose the same book, every time, Eric Carle’s “Have You Seen My Cat?” which allowed me to whip through with “Have you seen my cat? This is not my cat.” x 10, until the end, when the kid finally finds his cat. It made for a less than riveting read by the 100th time and my brother eventually mutinied and demanded a different story.

  7. Love this short and sweet post. I am most concerned about number 9: Losing the lovey. It’s the best thing having him find comfort in something so simple, but if I lose it I’m not exactly sure what we would do. Yikes! He probably would go on a sleeping strike.


  8. When they find out Santa isn’t real… oh gosh am I terrified of that moment. And I know it’s coming soon… by gosh my daughter is in MIDDLE SCHOOL. Bless her innocent heart she is a hard and heavy believer!!!

    And there goes the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny too… all hell will break loose on that day. Sigh…

  9. Ha! I love ALL of these!

    Oh yes, I skip pages too.

    As for lovies – get a backup asap. My hubby and I were wise and bought six backups for my oldest daughter. I’m thankful we did because she’s still attached to it and the company discontinued making them about four years ago.

    Wishing you a lovely week.

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