Go Ahead and Touch My Pregnant Belly

Go Ahead and Touch My Pregnant Belly!My baby bump is a magnet.

It yields a powerful pull over your curious hands, no matter if you’re a family member, a friend, or even a total stranger in the grocery store.

There’s just something about my ever-expanding belly that you can’t resist touching—sometimes rubbing in gentle circles like you’re waxing a Mustang, sometimes patting it approvingly like you would the head of a well-behaved puppy. 

For many pregnant women, your hands approaching their midsection is one of the most bothersome parts of carrying a child, topping even nausea, the constant urge to pee, and swollen cankles.

Indeed, in my home state a man was even charged with harassment for touching a pregnant woman’s baby bump.

And I get that. There’s nothing that says the moment my uterus became inhabited was the moment my body became public property, and for many women, that sort of unwanted touching can range from uncomfortable to annoying to triggering. 

But lucky for you, it’s none of those for me. I say, Go ahead and touch my pregnant belly.

Why am I so at ease, you ask? 

Because I see in your eyes that just yesterday your last child took his first steps, and your heart is heavy that your baby days are behind you.

Or because I suspect you’re having trouble getting a baby bump of your own, even though you’ve been praying for one every night for months or even years. 

Because you’re a grandparent caught up in the reality of how fast it all flew by, of fleeting memories not savored enough in the moment. 

Because you’re mourning the death of a family member, and the feel of a kick from my belly reminds you of new life, new beginnings, and of hope.

Or maybe, it’s because you just love babies—I don’t want to deny you the joy of connecting with one, even one yet to be born.

Sure, you are totally violating my personal space, and after a few moments with your hand attached to my about-to-pop belly button we both might start feeling awkward.

But I believe you mean well—that your intentions are pure, that you just want to celebrate my baby and the miraculous process by which she will grow and enter into this world. 

So go ahead and touch my pregnant belly. Just do me a favor and ask first, ok? 

How do you feel about people touching a pregnant woman’s belly—totally unacceptable or no big deal?

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  1. People ALWAYS touched my belly – and it freaked me out – but I didn’t have the heart to stop them! A coworker even grabbed my belly BEFORE I was showing – ha ha – AWKWARD! But I love your reasons – beautiful!

  2. The only person who wanted to touch my belly was a coworker I didn’t like. I was always suspicious of her, whether I was pregnant or not. So that tainted it for me.

    What got me more irritated was how I was visibly pregnant and people wouldn’t give me their seat on the bus! Oh, well.

  3. So nice of you to think about another person’s perspective! I don’t like touching pregnant bellies and it felt weird when people touched mine. Maybe just because I’m not a touchy feel-y person, in general.

  4. This is the single best article I have read about this situation. Love it! I will be sharing it on my site!

  5. I think you’re so sweet to see beyond the touch itself to what spurred it. You may very well be right about that. I didn’t like my belly touched by strangers, but I tried to just grin and bear it because I know they didn’t mean any harm.

  6. Ever since asking a shop clerk when she was due only to be told “five years ago” I don’t touch, I don’t even comment. I just smile. If she wants to talk about her pregnancy, lovely. I’ll chat away and touch. But only if she mentions it first.

  7. I think it would be kinda weird to randomly touch a person Pregnant belly.I guess people are intrigued by the new life growing inside

  8. I’m not so much of a “people person” so I do understand why people don’t like being touched by a stranger (especially in a vulnerable area.) But, for some reason, I didn’t mind having my belly touched. Although there’s always that odd feeling you get when you encounter someone and you’re gut says “Creepy!” But that goes for anything, right?

  9. I am due in 2 weeks and don’t have an issue with people touching my stomach. Although only poeple i know have touched it. I’m not sure i would feel the same way if a stranger came up and rubbed my stomach

  10. I am completely ok with people touching my belly, though it hasn’t been a big draw this time around. I think because a lot of my shirts are flowy and aren’t really inviting for touching. Or maybe I’m putting of a don’t touch me vibe. It has never bothered me, and I am an avid belly toucher (after asking of course). I have met a few people though who were very uncomfortable with it when they were pregnant.

    • I totally get it if someone is uncomfortable, but I’m like you, obviously—doesn’t bother me at all! It’s been happening this pregnancy at about the same frequency as with my last.

  11. Ha, I was like you. I really had no issues with people touching my belly. I just felt it was there way to connect as a person. But I know many who were uncomfortable with it, so I guess each it’s own.

  12. I’ve always thought it was so weird for strangers to want to touch my belly, lol. I love babies as much as the next person, but I’m NOT going to try and touch a strangers baby bump, and I don’t want them to touch mine either. 😉

  13. I’ve never had the desire to touch someone else’s belly, but it never really bothered me when people wanted to touch mine. I got so huge I think people were just fascinated!!

  14. Although I never liked people touching my pregnant belly, I totally understans your perspective and why you are generous with your space. 🙂

  15. What a gracious perspective you have. Yes, sometimes people are hurting or feeling when they reach out, right? There’s so much beauty in the pregnant woman.

  16. I must have had a sign on my face that said DO NOT DO IT! Because only one really annoying lady at work touched my belly when I was pregnant. I am not a fan of that at all! lol

  17. I was fine, even with strangers touching it both times. My husband didnt care to, and I had wanted to have a baby all my life. I started a little late 32 & 33… I knew intimately how it was to long to have a baby and feel that life inside when all my friends were having babies and I was single.

  18. I only had a few people touch me when I was pregnant, maybe because I spent so much time away from the world, but I didn’t mind, and I think it was for a very different reason. When I was pregnant, I did NOT feel like my body was my own at all. I felt like I had been completely taken over. So if someone touched my belly, it wasn’t like they were even touching me – they were just touching the baby. My whole self felt so very foreign, or maybe displaced, that having someone else’s hand on my over-stretched skin was hardly concerning.

  19. I cannot tell you how much I HATE people touching my belly and have just reached 5 months with my 5th pregnancy. Last pregnancy was 15 years ago. I had forgotten how much others feel the need to lay their weird hands on my stomach invading my personal space. It is down right annoying.

  20. I LOVE my friends and family touching my belly! I love that look they get ‘can I?’ And that awe we feel as we explore the unborn life. I work at a school and I love it when the children want to touch my baby bump and looking at their eyes. I get a little sad because where I live people seem so aware of anti touching that that they won’t even ask, they just don’t touch and when I see that urge and catch them I ALWAYS tell them they can. I want more belly rubs! More awe and more love more sharing of our mystical goddess powers. But I’m NOT like most and a stranger has never touched my belly.

  21. Uuurgh… Even a thought of people touching my belly makes me cringe. But I guess there was always something wrong with me: my mum said that I’d always refuse a cuddle since I was a toddler. But at the moment, the natural dislike of physical contact is being topped up with my mood swings… I can literally punch anyone who’ll touch my belly. And when I say anyone, I include my friends, relatives and husband. I avoid touching it myself. I know it’s not normal, but I can’t help it. It’s a strong physical repulsion.

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