Feel Good Friday: Put Down the Map

Put down the map and get wonderfully lost

Feel Good Friday is a new series I’m starting to give you a smile, a chuckle, or a nugget of wisdom to get your weekend off on the right foot!

Put down the map and get wonderfully lost

Sometimes I wonder: If life came with a map, would I take it?

Sure, I’d be aware of all the twists and turns up ahead, of every detour and dead end I would face.

I’d probably clutch that map with such an iron grip that I’d never veer off the path. I’d never have to fear the unknown.

But in exchange, I’d never have the opportunity to explore, to discover, to take a side trail just to see the sights.

I’d never have the chance to get wonderfully lostTweet this!

This weekend, let’s not be afraid to put down the map.

Have you ever gotten lost—literally or metaphorically? How did you find your way?

image via Randi Hausken

10 responses to “Feel Good Friday: Put Down the Map”

  1. I’ve definitely been lost metaphorically! And literally too. Sometimes I like it but as long as I somewhat know how to get back. These days we have GPS built into our phones and as long as there’s a signal, we can get back.
    When I was learning to drive, I’d get lost on purpose with my friend. We’d always say we’d never do that again, and then we would!

  2. My boys have a Maine state park passport book. The goal is to get stamps from all 48 parks in the state. We were looking for one today and the GPS wanted us to take a weird turn onto a private dirt road (not unusual in Maine!). As I was driving and noting that I wasn’t sure where to go, my oldest son said that his favorite part of these type of trips was the adventure. Even if we didn’t find the park, we had a nice drive and a fun time. In the end, we did find the park. I couldn’t help but think what a great perspective he had!

  3. As a USN navigator’s daughter, I was taught stars and constellations. I learned map skills as soon as I could understand them. My sister and I routed the journeys from point to point on trips. It was an honor to sit shot gun (when kids could…) and it meant constantly being alert.

    Yet, some days, for this girl whose given name means “wanderer,” sometimes it’s nice to let go. To feel. To flow. I’m actually craving that today. A lingering walk on the beach.. just listening to my feet, the waves, the air. Maybe it’ll be a few feet. Maybe it’ll be a smiling mile. Who knows?

    Maybe the rain will hold off and it’ll happen… I’ll follow the shells, play a little “crunch crunch,” and observe. Camera in hand or not. Just living.

    • So beautiful, Wendy. Your words have me on that beach as well, just cultivating presence and awareness and soaking it all in.

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