Feel Good Friday: Family Is What You Make It [An Unfolding Open Adoption Story]

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Meet Zach and Brit.


Zach and Brit are two incredible individuals who together make a pretty incredible couple. They also share the most incredible dream—to become parents.


Zach is an old and dear friend of mine, and when he shared with me that he and his wife are looking to adopt a child, I felt my heart swell. He told me they believe a family isn’t required to look a certain way or be formed through particular means—family is whatever you make it, whatever you desire it to be. The love of a family shouldn’t be limited by boundaries. 

A beautiful and noble perspective, indeed.

The rest of that week I looked at my son through fresh eyes, imagining what would have happened to him if life had dealt me a totally different set of circumstances—ones that kept me from caring for him the way I wanted to, the way I knew he deserved.

Would another set of parents love him, really love him? Would their hearts quadruple in size at the first sight of him? Would they shift their entire lives to make his care and wellbeing the center?

I now know the answer to those questions is yes.

I know it because even though Zach and Brit haven’t been matched with a birthmother yet, they already love their future child with a fierce love. No doubt they pray for their future child every day, and dream of what her first word will be or what his first steps will look like.

Zach and Brit have thoughtfully chosen the route of open adoption. This gives birth families control in choosing an adoptive family that shares their same values, and it gives the child the opportunity to fully know the history of his/her family, culture, and identity. The idea is that the birth and adoptive parents form a relationship of trust and friendship, which the child is then able to witness and experience. 

Most of you reading this blog post are already parents. You know firsthand the madness and the gladness of raising a child, and I’d place bets you wouldn’t change it for the world. 

Here are two lovely people whose hearts are ready for that experience, too.

Will you consider helping by spreading the word? Who knows, a simple Facebook share or a two-second tweet could bring together two families who have been desperately searching for one another—and change the life of a child forever.

More info on Zach and Brit and their desire to expand their family through open adoption can be found on their websites and Facebook page:


Has your life been touched by adoption in some way?

6 responses to “Feel Good Friday: Family Is What You Make It [An Unfolding Open Adoption Story]”

  1. Would another love Susanna like her Dad and I do? No. I believe we choose our parents, and they are the best for us and what we need.

    How parents come to be is more than biology, in my belief, too.

    A brother-in-law of mine and his wife adopted siblings. The youngest first when she was a newborn. Later their birth mother asked if they’d adopt her son, as she saw the love they had for her daughter and she could not raise her son.

    All the best to you, Zach and Britt, and the family you will create, love, and cherish as only you can.

  2. What a beautiful story that is unfolding in your friends’ lives! I have several friends who have adopted, and they have inspired me in so many ways. Thanks for sharing a bit of their adventure here.

  3. I love this! Even more beautiful than adopting alone is that they are willing to pursue an open adoption. I think that will be so hard and so beneficial for everyone involved.
    I’ve become big on doing everything to keep biological families together (in a healthy way) first and THEN considering adoption, and it seems like Zach and Brit are similar. What a beautiful story of redeeming brokenness:-).

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