Feel Good Friday: Amusing Ways Kids Get Boo-Boos

amusing ways our kids get hurt

Feel Good Friday is a regular series to give you a smile, a chuckle, or a nugget of wisdom to get your weekend off on the right foot!

amusing ways our kids get hurt“Something happened to Luke this morning,” my mom said slowly on the phone to me.

“What happened??? Is he alright???” I practically screamed, already out of my chair and grabbing my keys to head to the hospital.

“Don’t worry, he’s fine, it’s just…”

My mom proceeded to tell me that after she took my 2-year-old for a round of mini-golf and some ice cream, they strolled to a nearby field where there were chickens running around.

Before my mom could stop him, Luke reached out to “pet” one of the chickens.

“And that’s when it kicked him in the face,” my mom said.

“So it pecked him in the face???” I again practically screamed.

“No, no, it kicked him, like with its foot.”

Yep, my child got kicked in the face by a chicken.

Once I was certain he was fine, I let myself sneak a grin. Does that make me horrible? I mean, it is pretty funny, right?

That night at dinner Luke told Daddy the story, which was especially heartbreaking and sweet because he told it in the third person, ending with, “Luke scared. Luke cried.”

I gave him a hug and again discussed why we need to be extra careful around animals.

And then I laughed some more.

My mom, of course, will be horrified to read this post, as she’s already told me a million times how upset she is that this happened under her watch. 

“It could have happened to anyone!” I keep telling her. 

Yes, having your kid get kicked in the face by a chicken could happen to anyone.

Tell me, what is the most amusing way your child has gotten a boo-boo? And more importantly, were you able to contain your laughter? 

4 responses to “Feel Good Friday: Amusing Ways Kids Get Boo-Boos”

  1. I cannot even begin to think of the funniest “oops!” moment in our house. None have lead to blood. Just a lot of learning, dirty looks from our daughter to the offending item, and more laughter.

    I’m just grateful that she’s active and bounces back easily. Also that she listens and takes guidance well.

  2. LOLOLOL!!!! Okay- since we KNOW that he’s okay- this is HILARIOUS!!! Poor little guy!! But kicked by a chicken?

    That IS pretty funny indeed.

    Your poor mom! What a beautiful soul she is to be so worried!

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