6 Things I Really DON’T Want for Mother’s Day

6 Things I Really Don't Want for Mother's DayLet me start by saying this: If someone is so thoughtful as to give me a gift, I am always a grateful recipient.

Well, almost always.

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, everywhere I look I’m seeing suggestions for the perfect present for mom—flowers and jewelry and keepsakes to last a lifetime.

Or something like that.

Almost anything my son (or, more accurately, my husband—my son’s only 20 months old!) gets me for Mother’s Day will be most appreciated…so long as it isn’t one of these six things.

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1. Anything expensive

We’re keeping a close eye on our budget these days, and I can’t think of a single present that would be worth breaking the bank right now.

2. Knick knacks

Considering that we moved into our house three years ago and I still have a bunch of knick knacks packed away in boxes, I really don’t think I need any more.

3. Anything that says “World’s Best Mom”

Not that it’s a competition, but I am decidedly not the world’s best mom, a fact that is glaringly apparently now that my toddler has started throwing mini-tantrums, and I’m struggling day by day to maintain my cool.

4. An early morning celebration

Granted, I’m totally a morning person, but when I’m getting up at the crack of dawn I want it to be quiet and peaceful, words that are pretty much meaningless to my boy. So any pancake breakfasts will be better appreciated at a later hour.

5. A $5.99 greeting card

I love a good card—indeed, my sisters-in-law recently gave me one that left me in a puddle of tears on the floor—but in general I find them ridiculously overpriced. See point #1.

6. Chocolate.

It’s not too often that I turn down chocolate, but my house is still overloaded with Easter candy from not one but two baskets for my son (spoiled little guy). There’s only so much candy a 20-month-old can handle, so of course I’ve been helping him out!

What do you NOT want for Mother’s Day this year? 

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  1. I’m right with you on the overpriced greeting cards! I’d rather have a hand drawn card from my girls any day! No lotions, flowers, or jewelry for this mama either. New running apparel is a different story…

  2. It’s weird because I’m on chocolate overload too. My husband got me a two pound box of my favorite (See’s Candies) for our anniversary last week so I’m good for a long while.
    I would just love to relax and be with my family.
    I don’t want cards or knick knacks.. I would like breakfast. AFTER 9:00am.

  3. LOL! Good list and totally practical. I tend to be a very practical person too. So, overspending really stressing me out and a completely get that. Really, a nice outing and spending time with family in a new way is what matters most to me. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Flowers that are bought. We have a yard full of blooms and flowering apple trees visible from much of the housre including our bedroom.

    If a “bouquet” equals Mother’s Day, I’d suggest my hub and daughter walk to the ocean a mile away, collect driftwood, tie it up with a few reeds on the beach, and bring it back.

    It’s a perfect gift from people and a place I love, and the sticks will entertain us for days!

  5. I don’t want any of those either…well except maybe the chocolate. We really didn’t do much with Easter candy so there is nothing in the house and a gourmet chocolate bar might be nice…

  6. AMEN to all of these!!! I hear ya on it all… we have enough Easter Candy to last til labor day, and greeting cards are so expensive and we don’t have any money to spend- and Lord knows I don’t need any more little Knick knacks to liter up my house! NO morning parties- how about a day of silence?

    Oh wait- I have a ministry to run at church that day, and two soccer games to watch after that.


  7. Agree with all of these! This year my husband’s birthday is on Mother’s Day, so I’ll be lucky if I get an acknowledgment!

  8. To be honest, I just want something to celebrate being a “mom” this year. We lost our first this year never getting to meet her and I don’t think I will get anything for being a mom. Miss her so much!

    • You should most definitely get something for being a mom!!! I can’t even imagine how difficult that must be. I will be thinking of you this Mother’s Day.

  9. Maybe I should just link your post on my blog because this is exactly what I think! Thankfully, Mother’s Day has passed in March where I live.

  10. I loathe anything knick-knacky. What do you do with that stuff?!? I’m way too much of a practical minimalist for that junk, so as it’s my first mother’s day (since we our first is on the way), I’m gonna say that’s one thing I definitely don’t want!

  11. In the UK we had mothers day way back in March, (no idea why it’s different) I had lovely pressies. Slippers that I chose myself, bought then gave to my youngest to give me, home made biscuits and a cute little house plant. Plus 3 home made cards (mostly made on the computer in publisher with hilarious photos of me pulling unfortunately expressions, I think they have been saving them all year!)
    I have to say I was pretty happy with that. The cards are still up btw so I don’t have to dust the mantelpiece – but that just shows how much I love them – right?

  12. Ha-ha! These are great. I need to let my husband have a read. I think he spends over $30 on cards every year (one from him, from each kid–it gets crazy). Oh, and I’ve already been gifted numerous “World’s Best Mom” knick knacks (the perfect combo). But in truth, it’s the thought that counts–even if it’s an ugly knick knack. (Oh, stopping by from the SITS link-up btw.)

  13. I DON’T want to have to do any dishes or housework. So I do want breakfast made for me but I don’t want to clean up after it.

    And totally agree about card prices. Makes me kind of mad!

  14. This post was so funny. I’m not a mom so I don’t know what moms want. I’m guilty of all of these things and I’m sure my mom is sick of it. At least she’s a good sport and acts like she liked my $5.99 greeting card. Lol Thanks for the laugh, I’m still wondering what the heck to get my mom!


  15. I hear ya. Most of the mother’s day gifts I get are pretty thoughtless. It makes such a difference when you receive a gift that really reflects your taste and personality. Once in a while you get a really special gift that you can really treasure, but it’s pretty rare. #SITSSharefest

  16. Love this – I agree with all of them! I don’t want any of those things either. I want to sleep, sleep, sleep, and I want wine and cheese. I’m a simple girl. 🙂

  17. All of these are good ones. I have banned flowers from online retailers. They are overpriced and never last more than one day. I’d rather have a dessert, like the macarons I’m demanding for this Mother’s Day ;).

  18. What a fabulous list and I agree with EVERY single one of the items you shared! $5.99 greeting card?! That’s usually the cheaper end. I can’t believe how expensive greeting cards have gotten. For my husband’s birthday this year, I bought him a PDF printable card off of Etsy. It was $2.00 and perfect because it was Golem saying “Happy Birthday my precious”… best card ever!

    I also agree with no knick-knacks. Holy smokes people, can you not see the bags I’m taking to Goodwill every other day. No more stuff!

    What would I add to that list? A meal made by my kids. Sorry, I’m being completely truthful here… they’ve both got colds AND the thought of choking down something completely disgusting tasting does not appeal to me.

    Thanks for sharing (and for linking up to the SHINE Blog Hop)!

    • I’m going to have to check out those Etsy cards – sounds like my style! And I agree, a meal made by a snotty child wouldn’t be too appetizing…

  19. This is a great list! I got breakfast in bed (I’m a morning person anyway) and the kids and hubs washed my van for me. The best part of the van washing was that I watched from the front porch while I enjoyed the sunshine and read a book!

  20. I’m a single mom, and last year my wonderful friend wrapped up some food items and left them in my fridge for Mother’s Day morning. I unwrapped to find pre-made waffles, a package of sausages, home-canned peaches, and a picture frame she made with my daughter. <– that's the kind of breakfast I can go for. Pre-made, but "go at your own pace"

  21. I don’t want flowers. They always die some horrible death in this house! I really just want a can opener that works. I have 3 in this house and not one works. I’ve been dropping this hint all week. “You know what would really be great for Mother’s Day? A can opener that freakin’ works!!!” I hope dropping that hint 3 times a day works.

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