5 Ways to Have a Healthier Weekend

5 Ways to Have a Healthier Weekend

5 Ways to Have a Healthier WeekendWe’ve all been there: You fill your weekdays with fresh veggies and exercise sessions, only to spend your weekend eating fried food while sitting on the couch watching episode after episode of The Walking Dead.

Sticking to healthy habits seems a lot more difficult on Saturday and Sunday, doesn’t it?

Not surprisingly, new research shows that people tend to think about their health more at the beginning of the week than at the end.

The study, which was published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, analyzed weekly patterns in health-related Google searches. Researchers found that searches for health topics were 30 percent more frequent at the beginning of the week.

The day with the lowest number of health-related Google inquiries? Saturday.

Do your healthy habits tend to fall by the wayside as soon as Friday night rolls around? Today I’m over at No Sweat sharing five quick tips for making your weekends as healthy as your weekdays. Check it out!

Do you struggle to maintain your healthy habits on the weekends? 

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